Wednesday, June 07, 2006

And now it's time to say goodbye....

And with the "just shut up" awards given, it's now time to take my own advice. The blog is ended, go in peace. I'm done.

It's been a fun ride. Members of my family got to know me better than they did before, I got to sharpen my writing skills, accept constructive criticism, and map out where I've been in a fuller way than I ever had before. I had been thinking about writing the story of my journey, and when I started doing it it just flowed. But when I came to an end, I felt like I had hit a wall. Sure, I came up with some good pieces, but it's been harder and harder, and I didn't want to write just for the sake of trying to get an audience. I wanted to say something.

I'm still going to write, just not on a blog. There are personal things that I want to write about that aren't anyone's business. I want to try my hand at fiction. Most of all, as I approach the age of 40 I need to take a fresh look at what it means to call myself a Christian. What does Christ require? WDCR. Doesn't roll off the tongue well.

I'm not going to delete it. I'm going to keep it up for awhile. Hey, maybe I'll change my mind. I don't know. Right now I don't think so. I would still like to hear from people who run across the blog, especially the ones from Belmont and Winnisquam, New Hampshire, who visit every day. Who are you? I'd love to know.

Peace. I'm out.

The First Semi-whenever I feel like it "Just Shut The Hell Up" Awards

1) MuteMath sues Warner Brothers and Word records
“Mutemath, who released their self-titled cd themselves on February 1st, has decided to sue their label (Warner Bros. and Word) for ‘breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation.’ The basis of the suit revolves around the fact that when they were in negotiations with Warner Brothers they were told that the cd wouldn’t carry the Word brand but it did. They feel being identified with a Christian label hurt their bands image when they consider themselves to be secular.”

MuteMath, you are an incredible band, one of the best new rock bands I’ve heard in awhile. With that said, if you don’t want to be identified as a Christian band, then don’t play Christian music festivals. Don’t play church concerts (and don’t tell me they don’t, they played one in my hometown last year). Don’t use the Christian market to gain a fanbase and then give that market the finger when someone from Alternative Press or Rolling Stone decides that you’re the current flavor of the month.

To MuteMath, and to the 82 responses from a number of readers of the article who spent all of their time on the tired old “What is Christian music?” debate- just shut the hell up.

2) Should the Kansas City IHOP participate in abortion activism/protests?

One person asks whether Mike Bickle changed his stance on protesting/praying outside abortion clinics, and we’re off to the races…

Post #2- “make sure you have your facts straight before you make a post like that!” Umm… I believe he was trying to get his facts straight.

Post#6, 9, 11- “And this is probably not the right place to discuss these things.” Of course it’s the right place. It’s an IHOP forum. Do you think we could just call Mike Bickle on the phone to get his clarification? I doubt it.

Post#25- “The original decision made by The Cause to "siege" the Supreme Court and then the decision by Brent and others in the IHOP family to siege the abortion clinic in Overland Park was NOT to make a showy public activism stand for the media or even for the persons working at or going into the abortion clinic or government center.” Of course it was! Why have the orange LIFE tape over your mouths? You needed an attention-getting gimmick and the LIFE tape got you over. You likely wouldn’t have gotten all of the press attention you’ve received without it. Don't try to pretend otherwise.

And the rest of the 56 posts just go on and on, people trying to justify themselves at the expense of a previous poster, “You’re wrong!” “No, you’re wrong!”…. Surely there is a better way to spend our time than to attempt to make our statements sound infallible in the court of public opinion. So to the posters of the 56-plus responses in the topic, just shut the hell up.

3) Internet wrestling geeks. You don’t need a link; just punch “pro wrestling” into Google and you’ll get plenty. John Cena every week is “pushing him down our throat”; Samoa Joe every week is a young star getting a much needed push. When Christian Cage was in WWE- “Oh, he should move to TNA and get the world title.” When he does exactly that- “Oh, the experiment is over. Get the title off Christian (usually followed by “and on Samoa Joe”). A WWE star mentions Eddie Guerrero’s death, and he’s exploiting the fact. A geek on a wrestling forum mentions it and he’s “paying tribute.” Internet wrestling geeks think they know everything and yet make no sense. Hey guys- it’s wrestling. It’s not even wrestling- it’s a soap opera. Get off the computer and go read a book. And just shut the hell up.

4) The Brangelina baby addicts. Hello? It’s a baby. Just shut the hell up already.

5) Pat Robertson says he leg pressed a ton.

Nah, too easy.

6) Me. Who do I think I am to sit here and pass judgment on the rest of Christendom just because I have a computer and a way with words? Is my opinion any more valuable than anyone else’s? No. I was driving today and wondering when the church at large would quit talking about being a Christ follower, quit wearing the label of Christ follower in order to sell an album, a DVD teaching series or a political candidate, and start BEING a Christ follower. And then God just slapped me upside the head and said “It starts with you, dumba$$.” (God and I have a unique relationship.)

So Sean MacNair, the Pardoner, just shut the hell up already.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm still here....

I've been busy doing some research on the 1894 baseball season for and SABR (Society For American Baseball Research). It amounts to going through all the box scores for the 1894 season and compiling starting lineups for each of the teams. It's interesting but tedious at the same time. Anyway, my head is swimming in numbers and I haven't been up for a life-changing essay or anything. But don't go away- I will be back.