Sunday, September 30, 2007

Calling you out

From the blog of Randy Bohlender, intercessionary missionary in Kansas City, concerning the movie Mr. Holland's Opus:

"This feel good hit was actually a terribly sad movie for reasons that I will discuss in class. If you really liked it, you need your head examined. I feel that strongly about it and can critique it better than you can defend it."

And yet everytime I leave a comment on his blog asking him to defend himself he deletes it. He must have a special folder where my comments are sent to die, because not one of my comments ever makes it through. He only prints comments from his "peeps", which makes me wonder what the point of a comment section even is. Why not just make it a private blog then, Randy, if you only care what your friends think?

So step away from the Mac and the coffee and critique the movie already, Randy. Quit being a wuss and stand by your words.

Write Mr. Bohlender here and ask him what he means about needing your head examined. Just don't expect a response unless you too are obsessed with trying to be interminably hip and cool.