Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Autism Life- scenes from the Katie Couric #katieautismchat

Sean MacNair @y2daddy 21m
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 21m
My wife and I are outsiders. We have no social life. No one is prepared to deal with a 13-year-old in diapers.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 20m
My daughter started her period recently. She is 10, nonverbal, not potty trained. How do we explain this to her?
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 19m
My son engages in self-injurious and aggressive behavior. We don't know why. I wish I knew why I got beat up every night.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 18m
We are faced with thousands of dollars in house repairs due to my son putting his head through walls and pooping on the rug
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 17m
The churches in our area are just not prepared. Maybe one in the whole county. I stay home.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 16m
This is the reality of a lot of families, Katie. My kids are not going to be Temple Grandin or Rain Man.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 16m
I will never hear them speak, never see them go to college, never see them get married. My future has been pre-determined.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 15m
My son makes odd noises in the store, people stare, I want to smack them. I love my children. They are NOT freaks.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 15m
The antidepressant industry loves us. I take three, my wife takes six. This is very difficult. Very difficult.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 15m
At this point I don't care what causes it. The fact is, they have it. I have to move on from there.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 14m
I don't care about Autism Awareness Day. I live Autism Awareness Life. Instead of buying a blue shirt, someone just call me
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 12m
I may not be able to attend social functions; probably not. But invite me anyway. To be ignored hurts like hell.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 12m
Yes, I am a man who hurts, I am a man who weeps, I am often a man in despair. I don't care about stereotyped gender roles.
Sean MacNair @y2daddy 11m
This is real life. Thanks for hearing me, Katie.