Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On a sunny Tuesday morning

Hello Sean,

Well, the cosmic one is here, going to school just one and a half miles from ground zero, which is 16 acres of destruction, including 5,000 people possibly never found, while the debris still burns and steams. I saw the second tower collapse, we were watching from up 6th avenue. It is still in my memory as a nightmare and I cannot describe it. The feeling is unlike anything else. some friends have lost good friends and family. I worked there some this summer and a block away, and used that subway stop all summer. There but for the grace of God go I - on with my life. What stands out in my mind since I have heard from many people who were concerned:  that our life is not our own," that like it or not, we are not alone and it ain't over til its over, and what is inside of us belongs to other people", and we are all connected, all of us. And we have tremendous powers for creation and destruction and when channeled, these powers are immense, for both good and bad.

It is a weird time here. Union Square is like a memorial park now. There are photos everywhere and signs, etc. The faces, the faces, that is what gets to me, and hearing the workers found a teddy bear with only a child's hand on it...

We have to think about this and face it and rise above it and go thru it. We have choices, lots of choices.

Violence begets violence unless you eradicate the rabid dog, and there are more than one of them in this case. So far I am pleased with what they are doing and not doing. They are now using special forces to find the "dog or dogs". I take this event so personally because it is in my backyard and it could have been me and it might be me as long as I live here. I was attacked by a dog at a shelter I worked at and my instinct was I had to take the dog and throw him back in his cage or which I did, the only other options being knock him out or kill him. I think defense is justified.

I cannot figure how anyone in their right mind can imagine doing something like these guys did is what God wants. I think 'right mind' is the key here. So, I think they should go after each and every terrorist until they are eliminated, and we must remember in the words of Mr Spock himself, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one or the few."

I cannot tell people enough how horrible this is and how they are finding the hand of a little girl on her teddy bear, and someone's skull and hand and cellphone, or half a torso or teeth, or a finger, or foot, or ear, or how firemen killed have no hair and look like 'jello people' as one fireman described them; or how a pregnant woman and mother and baby or people alone leapt from the roof of the building or out windows; or how the ash in the air is bone dust and the smell and the immensity of it since it will take a year to clean it up and fire is still burning.

It is not good to shock for the sake of shock but anyone who sees it or goes near there is changed forever, and any of us who know people who know people or realize it could have been us or see the faces everywhere on walls and fences and corners, smiling faces of weddings and games and outings and couples and friends and kids, etc, or go by a fire station and see heaps of flowers and photos of guys missing after going into those smoldering buildings, are filled with sadness, anger, and a sense of loss that will remain forever.

So, my friend, thanks for staying on the path with the cosmic one and if ever one of these wackos blows me to smithereens or flattens me like a pancake, they cannot touch my spirit and integrity and my freedom to choose who I am when I live and die, and I will be damned if I will walk around in fear or change my path because of this. Art is needed by the world, by society, and that is my place. The lines I quoted above are from the play I am in, what a blessing to say them to people during this time. Say hi to Marc for me, I will write him soon, too. In the meantime pray for people here who have lost the most during this time.

talk to you again soon, and thanks for asking,

the cosmic Z