Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Deluge of hits

I think I've averaged 13 hits a day for awhile, but all of a sudden I got 32, and almost every one of them was from somebody looking for information on Titus Chu. Welcome aboard! I'll take hits any way I can get :)

I got this response from "Ben" in the comment section of my last entry:

i can't believe what you have said. but i do understand in some ways. this is all about Titus Chu and great lakes brothers vs LSM and the blended brothers. this will surely happen ... when opportunity comes. when bro.WitnessLee went to the Lord, some of his co-workers will surely felt "independence has come." but they have to act legitimately and within the compound of hidden agenda. well, Titus Chu and his co-horts did it. He has poisoned many to follow him. that is why about 80 churches in greatlakes area followed him ... not knowing the truth. well, here he tried to gather some followers but was stopped and discovered. well, i just think bro.Titus Chu is a great opportunist. if bro.Witness lee is alive ... he will surely be reprimanded. but that will not surely happen ... for he succeeded. But the churches and the saints are the Lord's.

Well, Ben, I'm sorry that you feel the way you do. I don't think Titus has poisoned people to follow him at all. Rather, he is being consistent with what has been taught in the recovery since time immemorial, which is that there is no hierarchy, that any attempt at a clergy and laity is participating in the teachings of the Nicolaitains. Yet what has happened with the blended brothers is the definite establishment of a clergy, a papacy if you will. Why are they so insistent that Titus Chu stop publishing? Isn't he allowed to speak his portion? The brothers say in the One Publication document that "one publication" is not an article of fellowship, yet they have made it just that. They are the ones who have established a divide between pro-LSM churches and ones who aren't necessarily loyal to Titus Chu, but believe that the blended brothers have overstepped their bounds on this occasion.

Brother Lee was one of a kind, and no one can replace him. The blended brothers should stop trying. There are only so many ways to re-state Brother Lee's ministry anyway.


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