Saturday, June 04, 2005

Losing ground

Just as I am
I am needy and dry
Jesus is for losers
The self-made need not apply
Just as I am
In a desert crawl
Lord, I'm so thirsty
Take me to the waterfall
---Steve Taylor, "Jesus Is For Losers"

Hey mister heavenbound
Help me to find the way
Get me up off this ground
What more can Christ can be found
---Michael Knott, "Deaf and Dumb"

where are you tonight i don't seem to know you
no i'm not all right
where are you tonight and my heart is nearly gone
there's not much left to offer
if i could somehow know i could stop the burning down
where are you tonight are you even really out there
i won't put up a fight
where are you tonight and the world keeps spinning round
a vicious cycle turning
some of them know love
some of us know the burning down
---King's X, "The Burning Down"

and my bitter pill to swallow is the silence that i keep that poisons me i can't swim free the river is too deep
---Indigo Girls, "Ghost"

i'm losing ground
you know how this world can beat you down
i'm made of clay
i fear i'm the only one who thinks this way

don't tell me that you care
there really isn't anything, is there?
---Nine Inch Nails, "I Do Not Want This"

journal entries, June-July 1995


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