Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 5 Blog Posts of 2006

1) A Father's Story . This was a story about my children and my dealing with their autism. Easily the best thing I've ever written. My first published work as well, as it became the genesis of a feature story on autism in our local paper. Landed both of my children on the front page as "teasers" to publicize the story. For further reading see We Interrupt This Broadcast .

2) The Freshman and The Homecoming Queen and The Anchor Bay Experience: Postscript . These stories were my reflections on a turbulent time in my life, my years in Anchor Bay Junior High and High School. I made my encounter with the homecoming queen, Leslie Pesta, the center of the story. What resulted was my becoming friends with Leslie, now Dr. Leslie Kaye, as well as my being able to contact James Gambino, the vice principal that I hated, and make peace with that time. I feel like I finally have some closure to those years.

3) Titus Chu. This would include the following posts:
When Is A Denomination Not A Denomination?
Deluge of Hits
Response From The Church In Cleveland
Response From The Church In Toronto
The Titus Chu writings weren't necessarily my best, but they brought me a lot of hits. I felt that it was important to stand up for the man and show that Living Stream Ministry was becoming everything it says that it isn't.

4) 1987: The Winds of Change . This got me no attention, but I think that it's great writing.

5) Take Me Out To The Ballgame . A good reflection on why baseball is so enjoyable to me.


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