Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jesus Christ!

Now that I have your attention... I thought I would go to Google Blogsearch, type in the name of Jesus Christ, and see what I would find.

-The very first link staring me in the face is jesuschristlovesporn. Not Jesus Loves Porn Stars, which is a Bible giveaway effort sponsored by XXX Church targeting porn stars and adult movie conventions. This one is an honest to God porn site. No, I'm not posting a link to it.

-The Canterbury Tales provides an interesting article in response to The DaVinci Code.

-Plenty of bloggers assuming that Jesus' middle initial is "H".

-Jeri (whom I am indebted to for the Jack and David Hyles information I posted earlier) discusses fundamentalist errors regarding holiness.

-For prophetic words directly from the Holy Spirit (by way of A Course in Miracles) see The Jesus Promise.

-This right here is why I hate political blogs and bloggers. "If Jesus Christ had returned to Earth and was elected to the Presidency of the USofA, as a Republican, you spineless marxist would have set about impeaching Him...." Umm, when Jesus Christ returns to Earth He isn't running for President, He's already King of Kings. Something tells me He has some housecleaning on His mind.

-While one blogger rants, Brad offers a simple invitation to college students on his campus- "Come and see."


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