Monday, May 08, 2006

Brick wall

You should probably understand how the majority of the blogging world works. The big ones, the ones that get the most hits, are the ones with daily entries that comment on the world around us. A big news story happens? Let's see what the bloggers have to say! (As if the bloggers actually have something to say.) Bloggers who distrust the mainstream media ( and tell you at every opportunity) then become the mainstream, and will eventually draw the scorn of the next generation. What goes around, comes around.

Also drawing a lot of hits are the religious bloggers. And not just those who blog on spiritual topics, but who do so with an attitude. They can't just tell you why they think what they believe is right; nope, they also feel a mandate to tell you why what you believe is dead wrong. And if someone disagrees and tries to say so via the handy comment link at the end of most posts, they pull out the tired old "this isn't a free speech zone" argument, the last resort of those who have no defense, and boom! Your comment is deleted. Their blog then becomes a love-fest where yes men (and women) can fawn over the writer and tell them how spiritual they are.

The sports blogs I've read have been pretty cool. They give you plenty of opinion, but they also invite a healthy and respectful debate. If you want to jump headlong into the steroids debate, blogs are your place to be.

I've mentioned before that I've become increasingly uncomfortable with the blogging world. I enjoy blogging, I've written some decent pieces, but I don't fit into any of the categories. Daily events? No. I have opinions on the issues, but who really cares what my opinions are? Go read up and form your own opinions. Spirituality? Yes, there is a decent amount of Christian talk here. I was going to say "without the attitude", but a small bit of attitude gives my writing some character, some zing.

So what is my take? What characterizes the essays that I write? Well, this blog started out merely as a way to chronicle my spiritual journey. I've done that. I certainly haven't been exhaustive, because there are other stories that could be told; some will come in time, and some are none of your business.

After I completed the story of my journey (and really I haven't completed it, because I never told the story of why we left Harvest Ridge Assembly of God, and I won't until I can find a way to be kind), I took a sabbatical. Took the whole month of November off. When I came back I was on a roll. Wrote some of my best stuff. I think I was finally writing every day. But alas, pretty soon the bucket was drawing more sand than water from the well, until now when I feel like I've hit a brick wall again.

So if there is anyone out there who reads me daily, or hopes to anyway, don't give up. The sun will shine again. If you want to know my thoughts on the 2008 presidential race you won't see it, but the Eucharist? All in good time. The emerging church? Soon and very soon. College student- do you want to hear my interpretation of Chaucer? Sorry, this isn't that Pardoner's Tale. Pastor Crow, do you want to know what I think of your "spreading and bleeding" sermon illustration? I really don't think you do.

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