Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I was doing so good, too. When I returned from my sabbatical I was posting every other day, if not every day. It was just flowing out. I was on a roll. But now... writer's block again. What should I write about? Should I talk about all the 80's music I've been listening to, and how so many events in my life can be recalled by the strains of "Gloria" or "867-5309 Jenny"? Should I talk about the funeral home visit I made yesterday and the impermanence of life? How about the really crappy experience I had at Harvest Ridge Assembly of God? 1894 baseball? Michigan vs Ohio State? Should I finally bust out with the political rant that's boiling just under the surface?

I've never felt like I had to write every day just to read what I wrote and pat myself on the back. At certain times I felt like I had to limit myself to Catholic topics, or avoid topics that included words of praise for groups that my loved ones would rather I not associate myself with. I don't feel like that anymore. I just write what comes to me. Sometimes I feel compelled. When I went to St. Innocent Orthodox Church I had to write about it. When I understood the Trinity for the very first time through the writings of Witness Lee I had to put fingers to keys. But when the well is dry, the well is dry.

Time to go to bed. But I think I have tomorrow's essay.


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