Saturday, August 22, 2015

Anna Renee Duggar and the Freedom of Choice

Pro-Choice, Anti-Choice, freedom of choice… these are the hills that people choose to die on in the culture wars of today. What is being chosen or not chosen usually depends upon the age, gender, beliefs and sexual orientation of the person doing the choosing; and what defines a “good choice” or not depends upon those same characteristics in the people watching the choosing from afar.

Joshua James Duggar sure made some solid choices, didn’t he? He chose to tell people what choices they shouldn’t make, going as far as to pursue the enacting of legislation which would outlaw certain choices. Those who strove to protect the right to make said choices labelled him “anti-choice”, all the while condemning Josh and his wife Anna Renee for the choice they made to have four children. Josh has now exercised his freedom of choice right into the political graveyard, choosing to enjoy the sexual fruits of numerous women not named Anna Renee Duggar, all the while ignoring a beautiful woman choosing to live her life faithful to her marriage vows and raising Mackynzie, Michael, Marcus and Meredith at home.

choice - /CHois/
noun: choice; plural noun: choices
1. an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

Anna Duggar- you need to run like hell sweetie

If Anna Duggar ever decided to crowdfund a divorce from Josh Duggar, I would consider donating. Seriously girl, GoFundMe yourself a lawyer!

Hey @Anna_Duggar, the Bible says infidelity is grounds for divorce. You have a free ticket to leave Josh even fundies can't deny!

Anyone else think Anna Duggar should flip Josh the bird, throw on some pants & go start her new life already?

I feel like we need to rescue Anna Duggar and set her up a NYC apartment with a caring, African-American, gay man.

God bless, Twitter, huh? Social media knows what choices everyone should make.
But what if Anna Renee Duggar should choose to stay with her cheating, lying perv of a husband, and even… (gasp)… forgive him?

Wrong question.

carolinehilding564: (from Instagram) Anna is absolutely pathetic!! Her husband is a cheating adulterous piece of shit! ! And, now Anna is going to accept part of the blame!!! What the Hell is wrong w her!!! So I guess in her head she's partly to blame, why?? Cuz she wasn't "putting out" enough?? And, that's makes it ok for him to screw around. Anna needs to grow some balls pack it up and move on. But we all know she'd never do she's just goona stick by his lying cheating side....and will ALWAYS wonder if he's still cheating, it will always be right there just in the back of her mind buzzing around like a gnat after rotten fruit.

So what choice should Anna Duggar make?

A) She should leave that lying, cheating SOB. Start your life anew, girl! Go get yours!
B) She should stay faithful to Josh, regardless of how unfaithful he was to her, and express the love Christ has for the lost sheep. After all, Christ did not come to seek the healthy, but the sick; he leaves the 99 sheep to bring the one lost sheep home.

C) She should reflect upon the situation, seek counsel from those she trusts, and when she feels that she has enough information at her disposal, make the choice that feels right for her and leaves her at peace.

If you answered C, you would be correct.

How can I do this? How can I encourage a victim to stay in the situation in which she has suffered? How can I perpetuate the culture that blames women for the failings of their husbands/boyfriends/significant other males in her life?
I’m not doing any such thing, of course. What I am suggesting is that to stay or not to stay is her choice and not anyone else’s. The choice doesn’t belong to Twitter, they can’t even decide what boy band is worthy of our devotion. The choice doesn’t belong to Facebook, they have a hard enough time discerning which memes are true and which are false. The choice doesn’t belong to the Duggar Huggers who hang on every word the family says, trailing them from speaking engagement to speaking engagement as if they were Deadheads, writing fan fiction in which Joseph always marries them, and photoshopping themselves into Duggar family photographs. The choice doesn’t belong to the Duggar haters, who knew from the very beginning that this family was shady as f—k, who KNOW that Josh is still copping a feel when Jana and Jinger are asleep, who KNOW that the family is involved in a cult regardless of whether they can even define the term “cult” or not.

There are certainly choices that are healthier than other choices. If Anna was being physically abused then yeah, the best choice would be to get the hell out. We have no evidence of that; and before you say “Oh, I’ll bet it’s true”, don’t put money down, because I’ll bet you would lose. If I were Anna I would make Josh submit to an HIV test, that would be a wise decision; but the last time I checked, I’m not Anna. My butt is too big.
The choice belongs to Anna. No one is asking you. I wouldn’t stay up by the phone waiting.

Choice. Everyone has it. No one wants the other guy to exercise it without asking them.

Ain’t freedom of choice a marvelous thing?






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