Friday, June 24, 2011

90 – Miracle Mile- Guardian

Where Stryper paved the way, Guardian was soon to follow.

Enigma Records, Stryper’s label in 1985, signed Guardian after an associate of Stryper passed along a demo tape of the band. Their first album, First Watch, betrayed their Stryper connection as it imitated the melodic metal Stryper was making popular. I heard it and passed. I had already heard the same album from a dozen other bands.

After an extensive tour, two of the members left the band, and the remaining members asked to be released from their contract. Two new members joined, including a new lead singer, and they began working with the production team of John and Dino Elefante. With a new production team and a new singer came a new sound, not quite the glam/hair metal of the first album. Fire and Love was overwhelmingly received; a 1992 tour with Stryper helped the band achieve new levels of popularity. I didn’t pick this one up for a long time, the memories of their first album leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

And then Miracle Mile was released, and I gave it a listen in the demo booth. Miracle Mile featured more of a classic rock/blues influence married to hard rock, with more grooves and less volume for volume’s sake. And I dug it. I still include it on road trips when I need to get motivated.


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