Friday, February 19, 2010

The Pro-Choice Movement is not

It's all about freedom of choice. It's all about keeping the U.S. Government out of a woman's uterus. It isn't about abortion per se; it's about the freedom to choose between a number of alternatives, abortion being simply one of many.

Or so they would have you believe.

I may be politically left of center, but I have a low tolerance for bullcrap, and the pro-choice movement is certainly good at dishing it out. Freedom of choice. Let's unpack that for a minute. It's all about freedom of choice, until a woman like Pam Tebow makes a choice that doesn't fit their pre-conceived definition of what a good choice is. It's all about freedom of choice, until Michelle Duggar decides to have as many babies as she is allowed by her creator and her biology. Then it's all about ridiculing her choice and comparing her "womanly area" to a clown car.

(And speaking of Pam Tebow, I'm still waiting for this supposedly controversial ad to air. The pro-choice movement of this nation owes me an apology for wasting my time.)

I believe in the freedom to choose; I also believe that that particular freedom is not unlimited. There are certain choices people should not be allowed to make, even if it is dealing solely with their own body. Even the pro-choice factions would agree. Ask the most rabid feminist whether a woman should participate in the production of pornography. They would tell you (and rightfully so) that pornography cheapens our view of women, that it reduces women to a mere function, that of a glorified sex doll. But if a women chooses to pose, to strip, to screw Ron Jeremy… eww, forget I said that last one. But you see what I'm driving at. A person who is "pro-choice" is really only about protecting their choices.

In an age in which tolerance is the new shibboleth, pro-choicers are the most intolerant of them all. Even as they scream otherwise.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.


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