Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What Dave signed up for

I used to be much more involved in the blogging world—reading and writing a few times a week. I had a list of favorites that I checked every day, and several of those were connected with the International House of Prayer. They seemed to always have something that challenged me. Lately, however, I've avoided blogs and blogging, especially those from the HOP. Too much of an attempt to appear uber-hip and show how cool they are. It's old, guys. I don't care about how you blogged from the Prayer room while IM'ing your friends and trying to figure out a way to sneak coffee past the eyes of Mike Bickle. If you are devoted to a prayer movement, then why don't you try praying in the prayer room? Huh. Who'd have thunk it?

You want a prayer movement? Try going here. Or here. Or here. These guys were devoted to a prayer movement long before the prayer movement became the latest "in" thing, and they will be devoted to their prayer movement long after the young adults that the IHOP has geared themselves toward has aged and finally realizes that God has a plan for people over 40 too.

But I do enjoy a blog written by a guy named Dave Sliker. I just read an article that can be found here.

I am sitting in this prayer room today, restless and hungry but with grace from a kind God to transform what I hunger for. It's what I signed up for.

- David

Lift up a prayer for me too, Dave.




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