Sunday, January 22, 2006


Can I confess something to you?

-I am trying to lose weight... but man, do I love Tostitos with salsa-cheese-sausage dip. Take a pound of Velveeta, a pound of breakfast sausage and a jar of salsa, cook them all together and scoop with the chips. Man oh man. My arteries are closing as I type.

-I listen to mostly Christian music... but man, do I love the rock group KISS. Perfect driving music. Great American rock and roll.

-I love professional wrestling. Can't get enough of it. Soap opera for men. I have been watching it for 22 years. I like the guys who blur the edge of rulebreaker and fan favorite. Steve Austin. Edge. Kurt Angle.

-I so want to get started on political rants and let my freak flag fly...but not here. I have another blog set up which will eventually be for that purpose. Too many political bloggers are full of themselves. I don't want to go there.

Not too many deep thoughts here. Sorry. Maybe next time :)


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