Monday, July 28, 2014

A Fair View of Fairview

Left this message on the Facebook page of Fairview Hospital :

Yeah, let's talk about my experience with Fairview Hospital this past Sunday, shall we?

I have two autistic kids, and my son in particular gets violent. Not so hard to control when he was 10, but he's 14 now, and he can be dangerous. On the advice of his pediatrician we went to the ER on Sunday morning to seek psychiatric evaluation and admission.

First, the positives. Great looking facility, spacious waiting room, ER staff for pediatric patients was great. Tests were ordered, tests were done in a timely fashion.

The physician's assistant recognized the severity of the situation, as did the nurses as they saw my son trying to hurt himself and those around him. It took two nurses and myself to calm him and give him a shot to calm him down. The PA went to bat for us with the higher-ups. The psychiatrist refused to admit him, saying basically that this was a chronic condition, and after all, he responded to the shot, didn't he? So he should just go home and keep taking his meds. After 7 hours and a lot of effort by the PA, he was discharged. When he got home it didn't take more than 5 minutes for him to put his head through a wall.

Dr. Psychiatrist, we have been giving him his meds. FOR TWO YEARS. And no cocktail of behavioral meds has worked so far. Had you talked to me personally you would have known that. My bruises and the spiderweb crack in my windshield testify to the fact that we needed help immediately.

So, Fairview Hospital, thanks for nothing. You have done well for a lot of people, but you failed my son. If I could give you a negative star I would.


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