Thursday, March 02, 2006



I am not content to live a life that isn't in fellowship with God each and everyday. I want to encounter God when I read His word and when I pray. I don't want just a nice feeling. I want God. I want to believe for much more than just my life, my calling, my career, and my family ... I want to believe that God can change a whole nation in a day. I want to see the nations bowed low in repentance and taken high into the mercy and love of God.

I don't want any more models or strategies of doing church. I want Jesus. I don't want any more latest and greatest next big thing sermons but messages that pierce my heart and cause me to run after Jesus even more. I don't want to sing the songs for the sake of sounding good or looking Christian. I want to sing the songs that will move the heart of God. The ones that come spontaneously from the outflow of my heart.

No more prayers that sound great but have no value in heaven. The repetitive kind that I say that sounds eloquent and well-rehearsed. I want the prayers that come from my heart, the ones that cause me to weep, to cry, to shout, and to whisper. The ones that speak from heart to heart. This is the vision of our lives: Jesus. This is the vision that is to be fulfilled: Jesus. Nothing less and nothing less. And though I am so far away from these, Lord take me there. I say take me there. Because there's nothing better than to be with You where you are. A heart of surrender and a heart burning in love for You. Jesus, have Your reward in us and find a resting place in our hearts. Make us Your Bride.



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